It’s been a busy couple of months for Acne Ultra Clear, as we launched in the UK in September and have since launched on and!

We’re thrilled to say that we’ve so far been featured on SIX beauty blogs!

Scroll down to read what the bloggers said about our natural acne cream!

Layla –

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“Your acne will start to appear less aggravated and generally your skin will have a beautiful, healthy, fresh glow to it which is perfect.”

We were featured on Layla’s blog, Sprinkles of Style, on 5th October! Layla talked about the ingredients in Acne Ultra Clear, as well as giving her opinion on the cream and its packaging.

We loved Layla’s blog, as it featured so many stunning pictures of our natural acne treatment cream!

Read the full blog here:

Charlie –

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“The…texture of the cream is…thick and creamy, but once you have applied it doesn’t make your skin greasy.”

Charlie from Dolled Up Beauty published a blog about our cream on 21st October. She was more than happy to try a sample that we sent to her and in the blog she talks about her experience of using our cream.

She also lists some of the ingredients in Acne Ultra Clear, so take a look at the full blog here:

Tamzin –

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“I’ve been using it around a month now and I really love it…my skin has cleared up amazingly.”

Tamzin featured us on her blog, Through New Eyes, on 6th November. We enjoyed reading Tamzin’s opinion on our cream and its natural ingredients. We definitely agree that Acne Ultra Clear will be perfect to soothe dry skin this Winter!

Read Tamzin’s blog here:

Rosy –

“This leaves my skin really soft and nourished with no greasy residue.”

Rosy talked about Acne Ultra Clear, as well as other products, on a blog published on 12th November. We were really pleased to read that she’s enjoyed using Acne Ultra Clear and we hope that she continues to use it!

Read what Rosy thought about our cream here:

Kirstie –

“Using Acne Ultra Clear puts those natural oils back into my skin, leaving it looking glowy and supple the next day.”

Kirstie published a long, detailed blog about Acne Ultra Clear on 15th November. She discusses our natural ingredients and how our cream compares to other products on the market. We’re really pleased to hear that our natural acne cream worked for Kirstie!

Read the full blog here:
Brogan –

“This cream is that good it’s actually stopped my ‘time of the month’ spots from appearing. I’ve been using this cream now for a month…and it’s taken most of the redness out of my face, softened my skin and really evened out my skintone.”

Brogan featured us on her blog, All Things Bright and Beautiful, on 15th November. She discusses the natural ingredients in our cream and how they affected her skin. We’re really pleased to say that Brogan was impressed with our cream!

Read her full review here:

Helen –

“The texture of the cream is quite rich….I found that any redness and irritation from breakouts soon calmed down after application.” – Helen

Helen was the first blogger to publish a review of Acne Ultra Clear in December. She examined the ingredients inside Acne Ultra Clear and gave her opinion of our cream’s skin-soothing qualities. We’re very pleased to hear that both Helen and her husband saw improvements in their skin after use!

Read her full blog here:

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Jess –

“I find the texture of the Acne Ultra Clear Cream really nice…it leaves my skin feeling smooth and hydrated and, as promised, there’s no greasy feeling.” – Jess

Jess’ blog is the most recent blog that features us. She gave us constructive feedback on our packaging and she discussed how our cream had helped her skin. We hope that Jess will continue to use Acne Ultra Clear!

Read what Jess said about us here:

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Becky –

“The cream itself is really nice to use. It feels soft and velvety and doesn’t leave it feeling irritated and sore after using it.” – Becky

Becky gave an in-depth review of Acne Ultra Clear on her blog. She quoted our website and gave her opinion on our packaging and how the cream felt on her skin. Becky gave us really useful feedback and we really appreciate it!

Read Becky’s full blog here:

Thank you to all of the bloggers who have featured Acne Ultra Clear so far, we can’t wait to read more feedback from bloggers!

If you’d like to try Acne Ultra Clear and write about it on your blog, send us a tweet to: @acneultraclear
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