Benefits of Natural Acne Cream

If you’re living with acne and need a skin cream with the power to soothe the condition, choose Acne Ultra Clear. This ground-breaking skin care is 100% natural, containing only the most effective organic ingredients – using its moisturising properties to hydrate and heal your damaged skin.

Our unique formula harnesses the natural power of fruit oils and herbal extracts to find cool, soothing relief for your skin ailments. Easy to apply and fast-acting, our natural acne cream is a stress-free solution to your skin’s problems.

Like all of the best skin care products out there, applying our face cream is a piece of cake. Simply apply twice a day to the affected areas and you should find fast and fantastic results.

If you’re ready to experience the powerful natural effects of Acne Ultra Clear, check out our online store to find your skin’s salvation.

Inside Our Acne Cream

We’ve got nature on our side.

Inside Acne Ultra Clear, you’ll find nothing but nature’s finest ingredients – all working together to clear up and repair your skin.

Don’t believe us? Take a look for yourself:

  • Olea europaea fruit oil (olive oil)
  • Cocos nucifera oil (coconut oil)
  • Cera alba (beeswax)
  • Calendula officinalis flower extract (pot marigold)
  • Rhus Cotinus leaf extract

Olive Oil

The soothing properties of olive oil make it an organic skin care miracle, helping to restore your natural moisture balance and soothe dry skin. Any hydrating face cream needs a healthy dose of olive oil – and Acne Ultra Clear has got just that.

Coconut oil

Super ingredient coconut oil is one of Acne Ultra Clear’s greatest assets. Its small molecular structure means it’s an excellent absorber – helping your skin to achieve silky soft status and gets its fair share of vitamins in the process.


Those bees really know what they’re doing – and we’ve been paying attention. Beeswax is one of the most versatile natural ingredients around, holding in all of your skin’s moisture and unclogging those pesky pores. Beeswax is one of skin care’s best-kept secrets, and we’ve packed our natural face cream full of the stuff.

Calendula officinalis

Otherwise known as pot marigold, this flower extract is responsible for Acne Ultra Clear’s gorgeous natural fragrance. With anti-inflammatory properties as a welcome bonus, calendula Officinalis is a core part of what makes Acne Ultra Clear the best acne cream in the natural world.

Rhus Cotinus

Last but not least, no natural face cream is complete without some powerful skin conditioning properties – and Acne Ultra Clear has this leaf extract to thank for its skin conditioning powers. Who needs the artificial stuff when nature’s got it all figured out?

Thanks to our organic dream team, we’ve concocted a natural skin care miracle that’ll make you forget you ever had a skin complaint to begin with.

Accept no substitutes: Acne Ultra Clear is the real deal.