Hello everyone!

After launching our natural acne treatment cream on Amazon UK in September 2015, we’ve been amazed by the amount of support that we’ve received from our customers and the natural skincare community.

We’ve since launched Acne Ultra Clear onto Amazon Spain and Amazon Germany, delivering our acne cream to many more customers.

We just wanted to write a short blog to let you know that we are now listed on acne.org.

The listing on acne.org is a huge achievement for us as it means that our natural acne cream is recognized by the acne treatment community. On our listing page, you’ll find reviews and information about ingredients.

We’re thrilled to say that we already have 9 reviews on our acne.org page and we’d love you to post your review of Acne Ultra Clear on there too!

If you’re tried Acne Ultra Clear and you want to share your experience with the acne community, follow this link to our acne.org page: http://www.acne.org/acne-ultra-clear-natural-acne-treatment-cream-reviews-10386/

It’s free to sign-up to acne.org, so you won’t be charged for leaving your comments!

If you’re looking to purchase a jar of Acne Ultra Clear, follow the link to Amazon UK here: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Natural-Acne-Treatment-Cream-Certified/dp/B0127GJ4HY/