Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 15.09.04  Get the most from Acne Ultra Clear by following our 7-step evening beauty regime!

Reduce your acne and improve your skin’s complexion with Acne Ultra Clear.

Our 7-steps will give you the regime that you need to wave goodbye to acne. Each step has a Top Tip too, so you can get informed about caring for your skin.

1. Remove Your Make-Up

  • The first step is to remove any make-up with appropriate make-up removers. It’s really important to take your make-up off because if you leave it on while you sleep, it prevents your skin from naturally renewing itself and clogs your pores, causing the development of more acne. Always use the right remover for the right part of your face, to avoid irritation or a reaction. Never keep using a remover that irritates your skin, it could cause serious damage.

Top Tip: Going make-up free for 1 – 2 days a week or more will help your skin to breathe and to revitalise itself. Overuse of make-up can cause breakouts, as make-up usually contains fragrances, chemicals and preservatives. Try to spend time during the day without make-up on, as no matter how much you cleanse your skin, traces will still remain. If you have sensitive skin, try using make-up brands that are kinder to your skin or that are all natural.Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 15.10.05

2. Cleanse Your Face

  • Cleanse your face thoroughly with lukewarm water and soap. Try to use a soap that is soft and gentle to your skin. You want to aim to remove dirt and grease from your face gently, without scrubbing it raw. Don’t use hot water to wash your face as you can remove healthy natural oils and damage your skin’s natural barrier against dirt.

Top Tip: Always wash your face in the morning as well as the evening. Dirt and grease can accumulate while you’re asleep too. Keeping your skin clean is key, especially if you have acne. Have you considered tying your hair up at night or during the day? It’s a great way of stopping oil from your hair transferring onto your face.Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 15.09.57

3. Gently Dab Dry

  • Dry your face gently by dabbing it with a soft towel. Using a rough towel can cause tears in your skin, allowing bacteria to get in. Don’t rub vigorously as this can cause abrasions and blotches to appear.

Top Tip: Leaving some moisture on your skin from washing your face is a good thing as drying your face completely can make your dry skin problems worse. Acne Ultra Clear will lock the remaining moisture into your skin whilst adding moisture of its own. Its natural and herbal ingredients will help your skin to clear without using harsh, damaging chemicals.

4. Use Acne Ultra Clear

  • Scoop some Acne Ultra Clear cream from the pot and lightly spread it onto your face. It’s thick and creamy so you don’t need to use lots of it to hydrate your skin. Make sure that each affected area on your face has a light covering of cream.

Top Tip: Don’t cover your face with a large amount of cream as this could have an adverse effect and make your skin oily and greasy rather than hydrated. Having more oil on your skin is exactly what you don’t want as that’s an ideal breeding ground for acne. Acne Ultra Clear offers hydration and it’s designed to be used in small amounts, to stop your skin from being too dry or too oily.

5. Begin Massaging Your Face

  • Massage Acne Ultra Clear into your skin in an upwards, circular motion using the pads of your fingers. Don’t rush your massaging. Give yourself plenty of time and be patient. Repeating slow and gentle movements will help the cream to absorb quicker.

Top Tip: Acne Ultra Clear is a light coffee colour but it doesn’t leave a white or a tan-style residue. It’s designed to absorb into your skin and to help it heal, not to act as a concealer. Let your skin absorb the cream fully in the morning before putting on any make-up. Don’t mix the cream with your foundation because then the cream won’t be able to do its job properly.

6. Continue Massaging

  • Keep massaging until the cream has been fully absorbed by your skin and there isn’t any residue left. Your skin should feel more hydrated and soft straight away! If parts of your skin still feel dry, use some more cream from the pot and repeat the massaging process until all problem areas feel soft and soothed.

Top Tip: Having soft skin can make you look more youthful. Having tight, squeaky clean skin can actually make your face age faster, with more lines and wrinkles developing. The ideal scenario would be to have soft and relaxed skin as then it’ll take longer for wrinkles to develop.

7. Get Your Beauty Sleep

  • Finally, it’s time to sleep on it! Sleep is the time when your body is able to heal any problems so it’s the perfect time to allow Acne Ultra Clear to work with your body to fight the acne away. Make sure to get at least eight hours of sleep for the best results.

Top Tip: Drinking water before you go to bed will help you to feel more refreshed when you wake up. Getting dehydrated while you’re asleep will stop your body from regenerating your skin cells at its usual pace. Drink plenty of water before you go to bed and you’ll notice an improvement in your complexion.

Try our evening beauty regime and let us know what you think!

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